Green Clothing Co.

Green Clothing Co. was started by a man named Nick who spent his whole life warmer than most people. You could say he “runs hot” but that puts it too simply. This kept his clothing options down to just athletic wear for the majority of the year in North Carolina. Almost all athletic wear is simple primary colors and rarely has desirable design until you reach high levels of expense and cost. So we set out to create clothes with incredible designs that keep you cool and are as soft and comfortable as possible. All made in America and sustainable for the world. Green Clothing Co. is based in Charlotte, North Carolina and we manufacture the majority of our clothing in California. Our clothes even make it out of the states and are worn all around the world. We want to make clothing that you love to wear and feel great in. And finally, we wanted to make everything here in America and make it as sustainable as possible. Links listed below:




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