Got a DUI ? Here’s What to do Next.

If you’ve just landed yourself a DUI in Southern California, you’re going to need to do the following six things. This list was put together by Michel R. Herron, a top-rated accident attorney.  If he doesn’t win your case – you don’t pay!


Chemical Test

Within South Carolina, you’re not going to need a sobriety test. These include the use of a breathalyser in order to determine the levels of alcohol that you’ve got in your system. However, if you are recommended to take a sobriety test and you refuse, you’re going to be ordered to take one when you arrive at the station. Simply put, they’ll use this test to accurately determine how much alcohol you’ve consumed via urine or blood.


Refusing a sobriety test means that you’re going to have to take a chemical test. If you’ve refused, this goes on to negatively affect your court case. However, there’s a high possibility that this is a requirement by the officer who gave you the DUI. Additionally, according to the South Carolina law, you’re going to need to take the test no more than within two hours of your arrest.


Write Down What Occurred

If you didn’t know, the overall outcome of your DUI case is going to be dependent on the details which were given to the court. In essence, the judge is going to need to know more than just your test results when deciding on a ruling. This ensures that all the delicate details of your case are properly examined, be sure to write the details of your arrest down.


Key details help a great deal in making a successful case. So, be sure to indicate the time that you got pulled over, where you got pulled over and even your responses to the officer. Additionally, while you may think that it’s all about you, you’re going to need to step into the officers’ shoes for a minute.


You’ll need to consider why he may have pulled you over as well as if he administered the field sobriety test. It’s best to think about critical details such as what the breathalyzer looked like and even if other sobriety tests were ordered. This even includes balancing or walking. If any mistakes were made on the account of the officer, there’s a pretty great chance that your case can be thrown out.


Ensure That You Have Witnesses

Whenever you get arrested, having witnesses can do a great deal for you. So, be sure to look out for anyone who can be an asset to your case during your arrest and politely ask if they would be willing to give a testimony on your behalf. Witnesses play a huge part in your success on a DUI case and their testimony holds true. Having a witness on your side even adds to your character and morals in the eyes of the court if this was your first time.


Maintain A Private Presence Online

If you didn’t already know, most if not all criminal activities are essentially monitored with the use of tracking software and social media. Surveillance comes from the least sophisticated online presence and they even create a series of fake profiles. However, this is done using a number of stock photos to closely track your list of friends on social media.


This essentially ensures that they have full access to everything on your profile. So, don’t go making posts that you’ll later regret. Hence, it is a great idea to be private when you’re online and ensure that all of your information is set so that only people on your friend’s list can see. Additionally, remove anyone that you don’t know personally.


Another way to stay private is by simply deleting all the pictures and posts which makes you look incriminating. You can’t control the mugshot photo they take but you can learn how to push it down Even your favorite smashed out party pictures should be deleted. This removes any form of evidence to make you look like a drunk in court.


Hire A DUI Lawyer

Lawyers are heaven sent and each specializes in a completely different aspect of the law. So, it’s best to hire a DUI lawyer who is up to date on the various proceedings and laws that revolve around DUIs, on this site you will find the information you need. Additionally, it’s also best to read a number of reviews on your potential hire.


If for some reason you can’t find too many referrals or information, you can also go to your local referral center. They will aid in ensuring that you get the lawyer that you need. Another way of finding a lawyer is by asking your neighbors, family and even friends.


After you’ve found your lawyer, you’re going to need to secure a date and time to meet. During the meeting, ask about their experience and credentials. You can also gauge by the advice that they’re giving on how to proceed after your DUI.


Make Better Choices

At some point, we all make a mistake or two. However, some tend to condemn more than the rest and this is where DUIs fall in. If you’re planning to drink in the future, ensure that you make better plans to facilitate this. One of the worse things that you can experience is having multiple doors closing for a preventable mistake.




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