DVSN brings intimate performance to Summit Music Hall

Don’t bring your girl to the DVSN show. She might runaway forever if this guy Daniel Daley invites her on stage, and if that doesn’t happen she might get mad at you for being in the presence of every other baddie in the city. Lawd. All jokes aside, the Toronto artist can SING, for real. We caught DVSN’s performance (sans producer Nineteen85) last night at Summit Music Hall in the heart of Denver, and we were quickly reminded that his powerful voice and dynamic range are even more impressive in the live arena.

Daley’s calm and reserved stage presence exude a supreme confidence thats befitting of his gleaming gold OVO owl chain, along with a plethora of hit records sung back to him by adoring fans. Two impressive backup singers added to DVSN’s massive sound with gorgeous harmonies, and Nineteen85’s beats were banging hard in Summit’s newly upgraded sound system. With a minimalistic and elegant lighting display we could easily visualize this performance on the festival circuit this summer, so it was a special treat to catch DVSN in such an intimate setting. Our friend @anthonymvze captured the night, check out the photos below!



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