Do You Wonder If CBD Makes You Sleepy?

Do You Wonder If CBD Makes You Sleepy? Ironically, it doesn’t do that at all. CBD has definitely been shown as effective in the relief of insomnia symptoms, but how it does this might be a bit different than you expect.CBD actually combats insomnia right at the source, rather than administering sedative effects like sleeping pills or THC. Getting a great night’s sleep could be just around the corner. Make sure you are sleeping in the most comfortable environment, take a look at Argos mattress reviews and make your sleep sanctuary today.

How Can CBD Help People with Sleeping Disorders?

The root of the current insomniac epidemic isn’t a contagious illness or some genetic disorder. It’s actually the one thing behind high blood pressure, cancer, and many other illnesses…


Given the increasing demands and strain that are put on people, from technology to the economy to employers, not to mention unhealthy lifestyle choices and skyrocketing health conditions, stress levels are reaching all-time highs.

A periodic stress level might trigger mood swings and minor headaches, but a prolonged period of stress is associated with very serious health conditions, such as depression, anxiety, high blood pressure, cancer, and much more.

CBD could just be the solution to this particular epidemic.

How Does CBD Relieve Stress?

In the simplest definition, stress is what results from how any person responds to situations.

For instance, assume someone cuts you off while you’re driving. Your immediate response to the situation is what experts say is your stress response. You could brush it off without letting it really get to you. Or, you could choose to be upset, honk your horn, and maybe even try to cut him off. The second of these two scenarios would be the one that boosts your stress levels.

There are a number of factors driving any person’s response to any situation, but in all cases, the process of response is actually a psychological one which happens in the brain.

Without getting overly technical, brain activity is best described as a sequence of energy signals that are constantly transferred around the body to make it work. Some of the signals tell muscles to move, whereas others are the situational response to anything perceived as stressful.

A brain that is normal and healthy is going to have functions in place that manage how someone responds to stressful situations. On the other hand, if a brain is off-balance or has too much going on, then it gets overloaded and won’t function properly.

If there isn’t a stress-response system present, then a person could actually perceive any situation that has minor danger, such as going up a staircase, as something very dangerous. That would cause them to actually respond excessively and in negative fashion, as in they might get scared to go up the stairs. Over time, this poor stress response will have a compacting effect on the stress levels of the person.

When people fall into stress patterns, they will naturally try to identify ways of dealing with it all. In most cases, ‘dealing with stress’ means taking medications, partying, drinking, or combinations of all these with other things. Such options might offer temporary relief, but that relief is rather brief and can often lead to problems that are even worse.

CBD is totally different.

Most of the ECS receptors are all concentrated inside either the brain or your central nervous system.

Studies indicated that if CBD interacts with those receptors, then cognitive functions actually improve, so the brain is better able to respond to any stressful situations far more effectively. As a consequence, negative behavioral output will be mitigated, so the stress cycle gets negated.

When the brain’s ability to respond to any stressful situation is improved, CBD can help alleviate a person’s current stress levels, and also offer preventative protections against future stress.



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