Diem Cannabis in Salem Oregon: Not Your Average Dispensary

Diem is the newest cannabis dispensary in Salem, Oregon, but they are much more than that. Their slogan “cannabis is for everyone,” isn’t about spreading our beloved plant to those who don’t want it. Instead it’s a message of inclusivity, inviting all different types of people from different backgrounds, lifestyles, and cannabis experience levels. This impressive shop has an immaculate, clean atmosphere, and the ownership continues to push forward trends. In addition to offering premium products, Diem is about to launch online orders that offers weed delivery in Portland and Salem, Oregon directly to your doorstep!

Diem offers a wide variety of high quality cannabis products at extremely fair prices. Their marijuana flower ranges from the highest quality buds the recreational cannabis market currently has to offer, all the way to simple sun-grown weed at just $3.50 a gram! They offer indicas, sativas, tons of hybrids, and even CBD dominant strains for those suffering from pain, mental illness and anxiety. Diem also sells an impressive selection of edibles including chocolates, gummies (sour & sweet), hard candies, and even CBD tincture isolate! Diem doesn’t stop there either. They decided to go the extra mile and ensure they have a product for everyone, no matter what their needs are by offering a selection of CBD pills, shatter, resin, rosin and even THC and CBD topicals.

So what exactly makes Diem so unique we decided to share their story with you? Well, for starters they are literally redefining the way recreational marijuana is being sold by offering online sales with delivery straight to your door. Combine that with their massive selection of products and variable price points to satisfy every cannabis connoisseurs needs and you get a business model that is unique and even has the ability to do a lot of good in this world. This business model makes marijuana easily accessible to many people who otherwise may not be able to get the medicine they need when they need it. Imagine a disabled veteran who physically cannot drive himself to his local marijuana dispensary. Or the soccer mom with an incredibly hectic daily schedule that just doesn’t allow time for her to stop by a dispensary during typical business hours. What about the blind grandmother, the low income couple without any means of reliable transportation, or the closet smoker who seeks privacy and simply doesn’t want to be seen in a marijuana dispensary? When Diem says “cannabis is for everyone”, they mean it. They believe those words so much they are doing everything in their power to truly make it available to everyone who can legally buy cannabis, and that is every adult in Oregon over the age of 21, not just those who have the freedom to casually walk in to a dispensary whenever they feel like it. Diem is doing something really special and we believe the rest of the country needs to know about this and hopefully other states and dispensaries will begin to follow their lead. If you find yourself in Portland or Salem, Oregon be sure to check out this state of the art dispensary or just visit their online shop by clicking the link below, and tell them we sent you!

Marijuana Dispensary Salem Oregon

Marijuana Dispensary Salem Oregon



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