Dejhare – Plead the Fifth (EP)

EDM Songstress Dejhare is back with a brand new EP, Plead the Fifth. The dynamic 5 song offering showcases Dejhare’s versatility as she continues her mission to share her human experiences and build common ground for everyone. She touches on a variety of concepts pertaining to our modern existence making use of unique sonic landscapes on each song throughout the project.

The EP opens with “Take Five,” an inspiring composition with powerful drums and and even more inspiring message of gratitude and appreciation for the current moment and everything we have to appreciate. Dejhare gains momentum with the energetic “Skeletons,” a dynamic song about owning our past choices. This one features interesting instrumental breaks, tense buildups and liberating drops. A warm piano melody and soft drums lead us into “Perception,” which serves as a reminder that we are all more alike than we are different, and that in order to move forward we need to let go of our past ways of discrimination and hate. The fourth track, “Not Alone” is a hypnotizing dance anthem with uplifting synthesizers and international rythms creating a sense of unity among all of humanity, especially the marginalized. The final song is the title track “Plead the Fifth,” founded on addictive rhythms and bright chords beneath Dejhare’s mesmerizing vocals creating some huge moments that we would love to experience live!

In a world so divided, Dejhare uses her musical gift to bring some much needed thoughtfulness and insight, as well as a strong message of hope to the masses. We’ll be looking out for more from Dejhare in the near future. Check out the Plead The Fifth EP below.



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