Creative Labz – Modern Cannabis Packaging

It’s no secret that today’s legalized cannabis markets around the US (and world) are highly competitive. Quality product alone just doesn’t cut it anymore. Branding and especially packaging have become paramount in setting the top brands apart from the plethora of competition. There’s a lot of options for packaging cannabis flower, dabs, cartridges and accessories including jars, blister packs, and perhaps the most popular, custom cannabis mylar bags. Among the many options, mylar bags have become a go-to choice for some huge brands like Cookies, Lemonade, Malek’s, Artsy, and several other heavy hitters for many reasons.

For one, these bags are fully customizable for branding, and they provide enough surface area for all compliance info such as ingredients, license numbers, test results, and anything else required in each local market. In addition to the visual appeal, mylar bags are effective for product preservation. They are easily sealable, allowing cannabis to stay fresh for extended time on the shelf. They also take up much less space, and are easier to display and store than glass jars or other options making them appealing to dispensary operators and consumers alike. Another advantage, is these bags can be used to package flower, edibles, cartridges, or dabs. This means as a brand you can buy in bulk to save money on your packaging needs.

Creative Labz, based in South Carolina, offers a huge variety of custom mylars in multiple sizes and quantities. They also have many other packaging options including custom labels, jars, doob tubes and more. Whether you’re a cultivator, dispensary, or distributor, their extensive catalog is worth checking out. Be sure to contact them for more info when you’re ready to elevate your cannabis brand and shelf appeal!



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