Cannabosses Vol 2: JB From Dro

For close to a decade now, Dro has been growing, evolving, and expanding. Today, the trap/hip hop lifestyle brand is partially owned by rapper Waka Flocka, and their designs can be found anywhere from dispensaries around the country, to Zumiez stores, and everywhere in between. This success was far from guaranteed. Hundreds of streetwear brands have come and gone over the years, but through authenticity, creativity, and consistency, Dro has risen to the top in their space. We chopped it up with JB, one of the original founders, about their journey to this point.

Get Em High: What’s good JB?!  For those who don’t know, give us a little background on yourself and your business(es).

JB: Hey whats up im Jamar Brown from South Central Los Angeles, Ca. I played 10 years of professional basketball. the countries Ive played in include Turkey, Spain, China, Argentina, Mexico, South Korea, Morocco, Philippines and the NBA G League in the United States. Im one of the co-founders of Dro, a lifestyle brand for the trap and hip hop culture with two components: one arm focused on streetwear, and the other is dro flower a high-end luxury cannabis brand.

GEH: How did you first get your start in the streetwear industry?

JB: I always had a love for fashion and while working at Musclepharm I met my business partners Witt & Paul who presented me with an opportunity and I never looked back.

GEH: What’s changed in the business since you first got started? 

JB: In regards to fashion the industry has shifted more online vs the traditional retail market.  Cannabis is constantly evolving and one thing I have noticed is the amount of people in the game has increased along with overall quality of product.  Through competition you are constantly being pushed to innovate ad stay on top of the trends.  Which for a consumer standpoint I love. 

GEH: A lot of people have attempted to do the whole weed themed clothing brand thing and failed, why do you think Dro has been so successful?

JB: DRO is about a lot more than weed 😉

GEH: Last year you guys inked an offiicial partnership with Waka Flocka, how did that come to be?

JB: Well one of my partners knew him from years ago when he was in the entertainment industry and we just so happened to all be in Steamboat one night during a bad winter storm and history was made….

GEH: What challenges have you had to overcome as a person of color in the fashion industry? 

JB: Patience…. also learning that no individual is bigger than the brand.

GEH: What advice would you give to other young entrepreneurs?

JB: Find a team who is 100% in and keep being consistent 

GEH: What are your future goals for Dro?

JB: To see the brand sold in every country worldwide

GEH: Where can people buy your gear currently or learn more about Dro?

JB: Peep our website or our instagram

GEH: Thanks again for your time. Any last words or shoutouts etc.?

JB: Shoutout to team dro and all of our supporters



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