CannaBosses Vol. 1: Krysta Jones of The THC Girls

If you’re a weed enthusiast and you’ve ever been on instagram, then you know about the THC Girls. Often imitated, never duplicated, this powerful group of young women has become synonymous with cannabis marketing in this rapidly growing industry. They help build cannabis brands through a wide range of services including influencer marketing, consultation, branding and much more all under one roof. We caught up with Founder Krysta Jones to learn more about her journey towards success as a cannabis entrepreneur. Check out the interview below.

GEH: What’s good Krysta! For those who don’t know, give us a little background on yourself and your business(es).

Krysta Jones: I was born in Miami Florida, and moved to Colorado with family in 2001. I was blessed to be established in Colorado as the cannabis industry tarted to rise. I had entered the space as a friend from High school opened a small dispensary called Natural Remedies. There I helped in all areas as it was a small mom and pops shop quickly learning how to build a legitimate cannabis business. From there I came across other opportunities such as cultivation, harvesting and being hands on in the grow. I worked for a variety of companies with a Trim crew called Colorado Trim enabling me to see the back end of all kinds of grows and Cannabis businesses.

As I built my portfolio of work and connected with tons of people and business owners in the community I was able to structure my self in the best possible positions leveraging my skillset and knowledge to continue to build my own reputation. I’ve worked at places such as Leagle, Trench Town, SWAK, Good Chemistry and many many other facilities across Colorado. As I worked at these places I noticed one of many huge downsides to being in cannabis compared to a traditional business was the limited access our industry had to be able to market their brand and create exposure for businesses, so I decided to create unique ways and opportunities for marketing without having to use only traditional outlets and resources.

In 2017 I was recruited to Direct a 35k Sq.Ft facility in Oregon City, Oregon where I contributed to the entire project from the ground up. We were able to not only establish the cultivation but also instantly enter us into the most over saturated market at the time, and with our branding we were able to consistently be sold out even with our massive production. Since the living out in Oregon I have continued consulting on projects in both THC and hemp across the nation. I work along side Sanja Ganja who I met in the industry in Denver and have continued to grow and build our brands together. Now I’m Focusing on my THC Girls app that will directly connect my network and community and getting ready for it to launch.

GEH: What’s changed in the business since you first got started?

KJ: Everything!! And nothing…sometimes I see such progress and sometimes I see people in a position that was expected 10 plus years ago, but the blue print is there if you look after a decade of commercial going there is way more information and direction than when I first started. In the beginning it was like rolling dice in every single way!

GEH: What would you like to change about the industry if you could?

KJ: I would change the misconception that it is not hard work. A lot of people enter the space thinking you’ll be rich tomorrow and that’s just not the case.

GEH: A lot of people don’t necessarily think of cannabis right away when they think of Miami (your hometown.) What’s the weed scene like down there and what’s the status as far as legal cannabis goes?

KJ: Miami scene is super different. It’s medically legal. So just like in Denver when it first started you must have a medical card in order to shop at dispensaries. I was able to get mine as I first relocated. The rules are similar to every medical card with similar conditions, what’s different is you have to re new the card every 7 months. The dispensaries are set up very nice, there are no mom and pop shops, they are very corporate and limiting, the pricing for products are also much higher compared to places like Oregon and Colorado.

GEH: What challenges have you had to overcome as a woman in the world of business?

KJ: I’ve been able to just hustle and grind no matter what! I do notice a lot of favorites and certain unfortunate situations in the industry but I just try to stay focused and pave my own lane regardless, if there isn’t one, well, make one!

GEH: What advice would you give to other young entrepreneurs?

KJ: Get started NOW! Mess up, figure it out, listen, and speak up! I feel like a lot of people focus on being an entrepreneur more than doing things an entrepreneur should.

GEH: Where can people learn more about you and your brands?

KJ: | | @mthrfknjones | @thehighcountrygirls | #THCGirls

GEH: Thanks again for your time. Any last words or shoutouts etc.?

KJ: Shout out to my team, shout out to Sanja Ganja my partner in crime, my Fiancé Devony who has helped me in so so many ways for the company since the very beginning, and everyone who believes in us. The community and support this company has brought me is the most important thing in the world and I appreciate it so much!



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