Black Friday Deals

Black Friday is upon us, We’ve have picked out three of our favorite Black Friday Deals. Be sure to take advantage of these screaming deals.



Whether you’re looking for a new daily carry drip tip or hunting for that new heady recycler or scientific straight shot. Cloud Culture has got you covered. Cloud Culture is an online headshop and journal based out of Southern California which seeks to inspire a more active and adventurous cannabis culture. We’re a small team of enthusiasts passionate about vapor and heady culture. Accordingly, we work with leading industry artists and distributors to offer customers high end vapor products and functional glass art at competitive pricing. SAVE 20% NOW!






Sign up for free today! Cannabis Couch Surfers is for those who use Marijuana as an alternative treatment for various conditions such as: Cancer – nausea, AIDS, Neuropathy -pain, Multiple sclerosis – Muscle cramps, Lou Gherigs disease- joint movement, Crohn’s disease- stomach cramps. It helps with appetite suppression from medication & depression, also recommended in medical books for menstrual cramps.




  • On Top of a Mountain with Tyler, The Creator – Fast Company

  • Shoebox Benny – Straight (Single)

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  • Shoplifter Arrested After Getaway Driver Gets Away Without Her