AMW Group Artist Vitruvian MAN Drops Two New Videos

Vitruvian MAN just dropped two music videos “Caviar” and “”Bad Boi Bad Gurl”. If you don’t already know Vitruvian MAN is a producer, lyricist, and medium. Yup you read that right, he’s also a medium. Brandon’s vision is to bring vocalists and rappers together to create free-styled music…but his is music videos are anything but free-styled, they are professionally produced visuals that have the same aesthetic. You can play the videos below & check out Vitruvian MAN’s music on Google, Apple, or his website.

In the aptly titled “Caviar,” Vitruvian Man enjoys a night on the town in an intimate club where he enjoys the company of three gorgeous vixens, but the seemingly fun night takes an unexpected turn, as Vitruvian MAN and his lady get after the “Caviar” by any means necessary. We don’t want to spoil the surprise, but everything isn’t as it seems in the dazzling video that lends itself perfectly to the hypnotizing record.

The second single “Bad Boi Bad Gurl,” is a classic Bonnie & Clyde tale. The metal influenced record heats up as the video depicts an illicit deal gone wrong turns into a high speed chase through the 305. Vitruvian MAN is never phased, as he does his thing, getting the girl, grabbing the money, and running. Him and his stunning accomplice evade police and norrowly escape in their foriegn whip as they twist and turn through Magic city.



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