All You Need To Know About Bongs

Bongs have been used as smoking devices for a long time. However, it doesn’t mean every smoker knows the in’s and out’s of them. If you are someone that traditionally stuck to smoking with dry pipes and/or traditional rolling papers, you may want to learn about some of the advantages that bongs offer. However, not all bongs are created equal.. Below, you’ll find some of the top things that you should know when you are thinking about purchasing a water pipe.

What Are The Different Parts Of a Bong? 

You will find every bong to consist of four distinct elements. Every bond has a water chamber, a neck, a down stem, and a bowl. The bowl is the area where you place the dry herbs to ignite. You will find that bongs are some of the best smoking devices because they can cool the smoke making it much more pleasant and they can maximize the smoke output and produce thick clouds.

You will find that traditional bongs are much more simple than dab rigs. Dab rigs typically have a base that is there to hold water, a bowl to hold both dry herb or tobacco, a down stem to connect, and a mouthpiece. There are plenty of benefits that come with a bong over a hand pipe. The benefits don’t stop with the size difference. A bong also delivers filtration that you don’t get from a pipe. Not only does the smoke passing through the water offer filtration, but it also helps to add volume to the clouds. Any water that sits within the chamber of the bong helps to get rid of impurities within the smoke which can make the inhale portion much smoother and less harsh. It also helps the terpenes and other ingredients pop which can result in a tastier bong hit. If you’re interested then take a look and find the best beaker bong for you

The Smoking Process

When you smoke out of a bong, first you heat the packed bowl. From there, the smoke travels down from the head to the down stem and into the water at the base. It then continues to collect throughout the body of the bong. Once you’re ready to take a hit, you breathe in through the mouthpiece and the smoke is pulled through the neck. You will find fixed and removable down stems available when it comes to bongs. However, removable down stems are typically much more popular because they offer easier cleaning and maintenance. You can easily wipe them down with 91 percent isopropyl alcohol and Epsom salt.

Custom Designs

One of the good things about bongs is that you can find them available in unique designs. The designs typically differ in the water chamber area. However, you can find multiple designs that typically break down into three distinct categories. The first being beaker bongs which feature wider bottoms and a tapered neck. The other category is straight tube bongs that have the same shape throughout the entire piece. The last are mini bongs. These are bongs are usually come in a multitude of different designs that are under 8-inches tall.

What Exactly Are Bongs Made Out Of?

You will find bongs available in a variety of different materials. A lot of bong manufacturers have embraced using various experimental materials. You will find bongs made out of acrylic, silicone, and borosilicate glass. The latter being the material that has come to be known as the gold standard for bongs. However, they do tend to be much more expensive than some of the other options. The majority of smokers avoid acrylic bongs because they can leach into the smoke and water of the bong. Silicone is a much newer material and they offer the affordability that you get with acrylic without the leaching worries. They also happen to be easier to handle as they won’t break if you tip them over. A lot of them are easier to handle because they feature suction cups underneath. You will find bongs made out of ceramic too. This is a material that is typically very affordable compared to glass. 

The same material preferences go for all parts of the bong from the down stems to the body. While you will find titanium options available, glass is typically preferred.



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