A tourist’s guide to California Legal Cannabis

If you are planning on making your California vacation cannabis-inclusive, there are a few things that you should know. From the legalities of buying, carrying, and smoking cannabis to the best places to visit, read on for all of your California vacation cannabis needs. Just don’t forget to pack your dry herb vaporizers

California has been a tourist destination for what seems like an eternity. Whether tourists want a chance to spot a celebrity in Los Angeles or Hollywood or want to take in the historic sights of San Francisco, millions of people visit California each year. The legalization of marijuana may have has certainlly an effect on tourism too.

Since legalizing recreational marijuana in 2018, tourism has been on the rise in California. Travel-related spending in California totaled $144.9 billion in 2019, marking a 3.2% increase. In addition, travel-related tax revenue increased 3.4% over 2018, totaling $12.2 billion. Arrivals on domestic flights increased by 2.9 in 2019 as well. 

The Legalities

California, like other states that have legalized recreational marijuana, has laws that govern just how much a person can carry and how it must be carried. Below is a rundown of the laws you should be concerned with. 

  • You must be 21 years of age or older to purchase, possess, or consume recreational cannabis
  • You can possess 28.5 grams of cannabis and 8 grams of cannabis concentrate
  • It is illegal to drive while under the influence of cannabis
  • It is illegal to consume cannabis where smoking is illegal, such as bars, restaurants, buildings open to the public, and within 15 feet of doors or ventilation openings
  • Although cannabis is legal in California, you should not smoke in federal parks. Examples include Alcatraz Island, the Presidio, and Ocean Beach. 
  • Do not take your cannabis across state lines

Find the Best Dispensaries

Whether you are visiting Los Angeles, San Francisco, or another city, one of the first things you will want to do is visit a licensed dispensary. Since it is not a good idea to bring your own cannabis with you, you’ll want somewhere local to purchase your stash. One of the best places in L.A. is MedMen. They’re redefining the cannabis industry. 

MedMen carries a variety of top-notch brands and they can deliver straight to you. They also offer the convenience of online ordering for in-store pickup. 

Another top dispensary is the Farmacy Westwood, which stocks over 150 designer cannabis products. They’ve been providing the Los Angeles area with quality cannabis since 2006. 

If you cannot get to a dispensary, companies such as Herb and Eaze offer delivery. Many dispensaries also offer delivery services as well.

Bring Cash

Because cannabis remains illegal on the federal level, this presents banking complications to many dispensary owners. Many dispensaries have cash-only policies owing to this difficulty. While some dispensaries do have an ATM to access your cash, plan ahead and go ahead and stop by an ATM before visiting just to be safe. 

Choose a 420-Friendly Place to Stay

While cannabis may be legal, many hotels, Air BnBs, and other places to stay have a smoking ban in place. Since smoking in public is illegal and can result in a $100 fine, you might want to keep your smoke sessions indoors. This can be difficult, but there are several places to stay that not only tolerate cannabis, but have built their experience around the plant. 

The Standard and Herban Homes are two locations where the traveling cannabis enthusiast can imbibe. Herban homes can provide pre-rolls delivered right to your room along with cannabis-infused massages. The Standard features the first-ever hotel-based cannabis boutique. The shop features products from Lord Jones, a leader in decadent, cannabis infused edibles. 

Plan a Cannabis Tour

If you are vacationing in California and you want to take in cannabis-themed sights, then booking a cannabis tour is a must. Loopr provides luxury buses with a dab bar along with all the accessories you could need while taking in the sights. All tours include stops at dispensaries, so you can purchase your own cannabis. 

Another provider of cannabis tourism is Weed Bus LA. You can choose a tour that includes oft-visited sites on luxurious cannabis-friendly buses or you can opt for a tour of historic Los Angeles with stops at local dispensaries, a cannabis grow exhibit, and a cannabis hall of fame. 

There are many things to take in on your visit to California and all can be enhanced with a little cannabis. Just make sure to follow all local laws and your weedcation to California will be memorable. 


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