7 Amazing Things To Do In Amsterdam When You’re High

Adrenaline-pumping adventure activities to roller coaster forest fun. Quirky museums to romantic canal cruising. Curious minds and coffee lovers to art and antic fans. The quintessential Amsterdam treats you to a host of awesome attractions. The travel opportunities are myriad and the truffles are worth experimenting, especially if you’re stoned.

When you plan a trip to the Netherlands capital, you will get to breathe in the fascination of Van Gogh Museum, get amazed by the botanical gardens in Amsterdam, play mini-golf in the glow-in-the-dark ambience or discover endless coffee shops that sell weed. So, go beyond your dreamy imagination and book your tickets to explore the irresistible Amsterdam.

1. Cruise on the Canals

Amsterdam Canals
Image Source:https://unsplash.com/photos/0trf4G0N-jw

One of the better things to do in Amsterdam and perhaps a romantic one is to take your partner along for an evening cruise on the picturesque UNESCO-protected canals. The all-lit bridges at night put up as a perfect romantic location for couples.

Take a guided boat tour or a cruise to get to know some interesting facts. To drop a clue – the tilting homes on the canal side are fondly called dancing houses. Reserve the daytime in Amsterdam for sight-seeing tours and the night for food and wine. You can’t light up on the boat, but no worries, just make sure to get some space cake in before the ride.

2. Thrill out at Electric Ladyland:

The first museum of fluorescent art and the only museum of its kind in the world, Electric Ladyland is a piece of art. The guided tour takes visitors through fluorescent minerals sourced from all over the world. The rocks change into dazzling colours under the perspective of different lights. Imagine the sight of grey stones morphing into multi-colour. It’s a fascinating view! The fluorescent artwork goes back to the1950s.

The founder, Nick Padalino, operates this museum. The fully-immersive neon ambience also has informational displays for the benefit of visitors. 


3. Relish nature at the Hortus Botanicus:  

Image Source:https://unsplash.com/photos/ZbPdrqae8eA

Amsterdam has the most beautiful treat for plant lovers in Hortus Botanicus. One of the oldest botanical gardens in the world, the tourists get to see a truly phenomenal range of 6,0000 exotic plants. Established in 1638, the Hortus has 2000 years old plant foliage and a 300-year-old gate to show the historical edge of nature.    

Originally made to supply medicines to the pharmacists of Amsterdam, the Hortus has evolved as a monumental masterpiece. Add a refreshing twist to the green oasis by visiting the beautiful café Oranjerie located in Hortus Botanicus. The Three Climate Greenhouse that has three different zones with different climates completes the visit to this wonderful tryst with nature.

4. Glow Golf at the Glow Mini Golf:

A 3D mini-golf in the dark! Well, this is not a page from a fiction book, but Amsterdam’s unique spectacle moment. A true representation of the Jungle world, the mini-golf has some unexpected inhabitants – Gorilla and Polar bears to start with. The backlights add to the drama and magic.

Located in the heart of Amsterdam, Glow Mini Golf is easily accessible with public transport. It is a perfect venue for hosting a company event or a bachelor’s party and treating your friends at the BBQ/Grill restaurant.   

5. Explore the therapeutic Coffee Shop:    

When we say, Coffee shop in Amsterdam then don’t confuse it with the typical Starbucks in your vicinity. Here there are legal coffee shops which serve you a variety of Cannabis, Psychedelic drugs that help in creating a transformative & therapeutic experience.   

Be a psychonaut to experience the healing power of psilocybin. The delicious shroom tea can fight nausea and relieve stomach aches. It is a hot water preparation with a seedy flavour that can be prepared at the comfort of your home also.

6. Go herb checking at the Hemp Museum:

Amsterdam, as a city, stands out for its weed history. The Hash Marihuana and Hemp Museum is the oldest museum in the world that exhibits the popular and controversial plant Cannabis Sativa. This famous museum housed in two buildings takes the visitors through the hemp history and the medicinal functions of marijuana for a variety of ailments. 

7. Visit the Sinful Red-Light District:   

Amsterdam prides itself in its liberal attitude. But it also embraces cannabis, prostitution, and pornography in the legalized Red Light District which comes to life at night.

The red neon lights make the Red Light District the most famous with swarming crowds around midnight. All prostitutes have access to medical care and follow working standards. Girls have their bodyguards on duty, ensuring protection. There is an eclectic mix of videos, sex toys, peep shows, coffee shops with a cannabis leaf on the front door and adventurous dining spots. Nightlife starts here and lasts until the wee hours of the morning.    

Closing thoughts:

For adventure lovers, night owls, foodies, and cannabis lovers, the city of Amsterdam is a traveller’s dream. The best time to explore it is from September to November and April to May. For accommodation, there is plenty of pocket-friendly to luxury stay options. English and Dutch are the widely spoken languages in Amsterdam. Rent-a-bike to fully discover the Netherlands capital.

All in all, Amsterdam is a bicycle-friendly city that keeps attracting the people across the globe for its art galleries, chocolate cookies, Heineken Brewery, Anne Frank House, Van Gogh Museum, Dam Square and weed moments. Travel back in time to witness the oldest museums (by appointment only), catch the famous flowers at Bloemenmarkt, get a grand seat at the Art Deco cinema, go hipster at Jordaan. In short, check out the unmissable Amsterdam – the place that has it all!



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