6 Tips for Growing Medical Marijuana

Marijuana has gained a lot of attention lately for its medicinal benefits for a range of acute and chronic conditions. It has particularly been found beneficial for relieving the symptoms of chronic inflammation. If you plan to grow marijuana for medical use, here are six tips you will find useful.

Pay attention to the genetics

The quality of your marijuana crop depends a lot on the genetic history of the seeds used to grow it. Choosing the right strains will help you grow a crop with the traits you prefer most in your plant.

For instance, you would need a different strain based on whether you want the product to render a calming or an energizing effect on the user. If growing solely for medicinal use, you may want to use a strain that’s high in CBD.

Buy the best seeds

Inarguably, aside from its genetics, the quality of your cannabis crop depends largely on the quality of seeds you use, so your effort should be to procure the best-quality premium seeds that you can get. Try the online shop Marijuana Seeds USA – treestarsseedbank.com for a range of high-quality cannabis seeds sourced from the choicest of breeders.

Above all, avoid buying clones and spend your money on real seeds.

Ensure that you have the right soil

Even the best variety of cannabis seeds will not yield desired results if the soil is not right. To grow well, your cannabis crop will need nutrient-rich soil. Poor-quality soil will deprive your crop of essential nutrients, slow down its growth, and impact the quality of the flowers.

To ensure that your cannabis crop is receiving the full range of nutrients it needs, use organic soil that’s already nutritionally rich and won’t need a lot of work as your crop grows.

Use the right fertilizers

When you begin with the right soil, you will not need to add a lot of boosters to improve its quality. If at all you are going to use a fertilizer, find an organic product that’s free of harmful chemicals, as these can reduce your soil’s nutritional value and damage your plants.

Therefore, to protect your cannabis plant from avoidable damage, try and avoid synthetic fertilizers and boosters as much as possible.

Ensure plenty of light and ventilation

Plants need light to make food. If you’re growing cannabis indoors, you can recreate natural light with powerful LEDs to help your crop grow and flourish as desired. Other important factors that will determine the potency and size of your crop include proper airflow, ventilation and optimal temperatures.

Ensure proper ventilation by installing fans at strategic location throughout the field and use exhaust fans to drive out bad air and improve air quality around your crop.

Keep an eye on the temperature

Cannabis requires a certain temperature to grow well, especially during the flowering stage. Use heaters and aircons to control temperatures as very low or very high temperature can damage your plants and reduce your overall yield.



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