4 Ways to Manage High Blood Pressure Without Medication 

If you have high blood pressure, you might wonder if there’s another way out to manage your symptoms without taking medications. It is believed that incorporating some lifestyle changes can help bring the numbers down. It is only through consistent practice and constant efforts that these lifestyle changes can reduce or delay the need for OTC medications. 

In this blog, we’ve shared four natural ways you can manage your high blood pressure.

#1 Maintain a Healthy Weight 

Weight loss is believed to be the most effective lifestyle change for controlling high blood pressure. Being overweight often increases the risk of blood pressure as it causes disrupted breathing while you sleep, which is known as sleep apnea. Moreover, the size of your waistline is also important, as carrying too much weight around your waistline can make things complicated for a person with high BP. In general, if you lose about 2.2 pounds or 1 Kg weight, your BP rate might go down by 1 mm Hg.  

#2 Regular Exercising Can Help 

Regular exercising makes your heart stronger, and a stronger heart pumps more blood with less effort. Thus, the force on the arteries reduces, and it results in lower blood pressure. Experts suggest getting at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity or 75 minutes of intense aerobic activity every week. Or, you can try a combination of the two. If you’re new to workout, don’t take the pressure and start with small 10-minute sessions of aerobic exercise. 

#3 Take CBD for Quick Relief 

Did you know CBD or cannabidiol can help lower blood pressure? Different studies have shown that taking a single dose of CBD reduced stress-induced response in blood pressure and heart rate. Experts at west coast cannabis suggest taking products like CBD oil and edibles to get the most potent effects of CBD and manage your condition. If you’ve never tried CBD before, you can consider consulting your doctor about its usage. And remember to keep the dosage low. 

#4 Reduce Salt Intake

More consumption of salt or sodium items can be pretty risky for patients with high blood pressure. Even a slight reduction of salt intake in your diet can reduce high BP by 5 to 6 mm Hg and improve your heart rate.  

So, next time you shop for food products, be sure to carefully read food labels and look for low-sodium products. When cooking, don’t add salt; rather use spices or herbs to add flavor to the meal. Moreover, try to eat fewer processed foods as most processed foods contain higher amounts of sodium. 

Final Thoughts 

Other than these tips, it’s crucial that you manage your stress levels in everyday life, as stress can be a serious trigger for patients with high blood pressure. In addition, monitor your blood pressure at home and go for regular checkups to know the exact status of your condition. Lastly, seek support from your family members or join a support group that might encourage you to follow an active and healthy lifestyle. 



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