Weed Tolerance Too High? Online Head Shops to the Rescue!

There’s a downside the wake-and-bake lifestyle, and that’s building up such a tolerance to weed that it takes a lot of buds just to get the buzz you want. Stop the madness and avoid chewing through your bag of green too quickly with a few products from online head shops. glassheadswholesale.com

#1: Smaller Papers
When your weed tolerance is bigger than your budget, don’t head straight to the online head shops to solve the problem with a new gadget or more weed. First, accept that you might be smoking more than you need to get the effects you want. If you’re stuffing blunts full and smoking them all the way down, cut the amount in half and purchase smaller-sized papers than you usually do from your favorite online head shop.

#2: Vaporizers
If all you do is roll and smoke joints, you’re missing out on the 50% or so of the cannabinoids that burn off when you combust weed. That’s goodbye to the THC, as well as the CBD and terpenes too. However, when you vaporize the herb it only gets heated to the degree you choose and at about 120 degrees is the optimal temperature for releasing the most amount of cannabinoids into the vapor and no carcinogens. Now that’s economical. You can find vaporizers of all kinds at online head shops—from personal pocket-size units to desktop ones that work like a dream. For cannabis connoisseurs, the vaporizer is the way to go.

#3: Keep your strains organized
Think about it, man. If the weed or extracts you’re medicating with are top shelf, then you should be able to medicate less frequently with decent results. If your bud has you feeling “more-ish” then maybe it’s time to double-check the specifics of your favorite strain. If you’re looking for more psycho-activity, then you’re looking for a flower that is high in THC. May we suggest something like Hindu, Blackberry, Critical or Chemo Kush, as they tend to be on the higher side of “normal” when it comes to THC. Keep your strains separate so that you keep your high-THC buds separate from the rest with a stash box from an online head shop. If you haven’t visited one lately, you’ll be shocked at how sophisticated stash boxes have become.

#4: Upgrade your methods
Smoking bud is the least efficient way to get elevated, so if your tolerance issue has a distinct seven-year-itch feeling to it, then it’s probably time to upgrade to a vapor, edible or sublingual method of taking your medicine. Have fun experimenting with a new unit, like a dab rig. You can find beautiful dab rigs of all sizes, shapes and artistry online at head shops everywhere.

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