The Birth of KING’s Pipe Glass

It might be hard to believe for some but KING’s Pipe Online Headshop, one of the industry’s friendliest and favorite places for sturdy, budget friendly, & gorgeous glass bongs, would never have come to be if it weren’t for the hard work, dedication, and sheer optimism of its owner. Having left his financially stable 9 – 5 corporate setting to become a self sufficient yet humble entrepreneur in a business and community that he truly loves, we’re all incredibly lucky that he took that great and risky leap to bring us the awesomeness that is a trustworthy, safe, customer centered, and amazingly affordable online smoke shop that has time and again proven that they are genuinely here for the people.

He (whom we shall keep nameless for privacy purposes) and his tight knit team have shown awe inspiring determination sprouting well deserved success in the glass game, which has luckily lead us to one of today’s favorite lines of sleek, high quality, American made scientific or percolated bongs, water pipes, dab rigs, and recyclers aptly named KING’s Pipe Glass.

KING’s Pipe Glass products are 100% Southern California hand created glass water pipes that were specifically designed with the everyday toker in mind. Showcasing classic silhouettes and the most popular percolators, top of the line borosilicate glass, coupled with price points you just cannot beat, KING’s Pipe meticulously scoured Los Angeles and its neighboring areas for the perfect mix of professional, creative, reliable, and devoted glass blowers who would be the ideal producers of this pristine line of glass bongs. After all, they didn’t come all this way just to make some cheap rubbish who no one will second glance, am I right? Quality is key for these folks and their work shows nothing less.

Perhaps the first thing to catch your eye when surfing through the KING’s Pipe Glass products are the familiar yet favorite elements such as Beaker bodies or Straight Tubes, maybe it’s the flash of metallic gold lettering that beautifully screams “class!” as the light flickers and shines off of the well known KING’s Pipe name. Or most likely if you’re anything like us whose eyes light up when they see a great deal, you zoom in on the most important aspect when looking for a quality daily driver, the super affordable price! With retail prices set as low as $49.99 for a beautiful 10” Skinny Beaker Dab Rig or a smooth ass 8” Single Honeycomb Perc Skinny Bong, there is absolutely no doubt that this amazing line really did have their customers in mind.

Initially having conducted some deep market research and development for what’s hot, new and innovative in today’s all age range market, KING’s Pipe Glass has only been in production for about a year and they’ve already put out some rad glass pieces that stray away from the conventional looking bongs we’ve grown to be accustomed to. A couple of our absolute favorites, not just by aesthetic but also by the awesome price tags, are the 2018 recyclers they’ve just recently released. The 10” Double Inline Slit Perc Recycler and 10” Inline Perc Recycler are a fun fusion of scientific simplicity with a modern yet elegant twist! These unique water pipes are gorgeously accented by slyme green neon colored glass along the mouthpiece and thick base, accompanied by the tell tale metallic gold KP decal and Rasta splashed KING’s Pipe Japanese inspired logo that is an adorable example of how 2 seemingly opposite cultures can come together in cannabis lifted harmony. And if the alluring appearance doesn’t seal the deal for you, the $139.99 retail price just might do what it do, baby!

Some of our other favorites from the diverse KING’s Pipe Glass product line are the best selling 12” Single Honeycomb Water Pipe Bong that goes for $59.99, the cool ass dual perc 12” Tornado & Honeycomb Mix Water Pipe Bong for only $84.99, and the massive attention grabbing 18” Triple Honeycomb Straight Water Pipe Bong that you can have to show off and enjoy for a mere $109.99! These glass bongs are totally a testament to our undying affinity for scientific and classic looking water pipes, the kind that remind us of hiding out in the garage with the one and only bong we ever owned as teenagers, but with a modernized touch of radness with their percolator combinations and innovative new disc percs!

And if sick style, dazzling diffusion, & cheap prices weren’t enough, those great guys at KING’s Pipe Online Smoke Shop even thought of the stealth stoner and dorm room dabbers that might need something compact that they can tuck away while they beast their thesis’ or midterms! Check out these nifty little oil rigs that offer discreteness without sacrificing for function.

Although we’re sure that sometimes it can really prove to be a thankless job, we commend the kind folks at KING’s Pipe for their impeccable customer service and outstanding focus on continually bringing us the hottest of the hot when it comes to flawlessly functioning bongs that would be a great addition to anyone’s glass collection. We urge everyone in our wonderful cannabis community to keep supporting customer focused companies that are forever pushing the evolution of headshops in favor of quality for a great price, over making a quick buck at the expense of our tenacious toker peers. So if you’re as excited as we are to shop for a great new bong, hit up KING’s Pipe Online Headshop for super saver deals, quick & free shipping, and a free gift bag with every order! After all, the saying does go: “If we all had a bong… We’d all get along!” 👌



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