Product Review: Loki Touch (Vaporizor)

The new Loki Touch by Loki Vapes is a small and stylish dry herb vaporizer. This handheld vaporizer can accommodate dry herbs, as well as concentrates. It has quite a few unique and exclusive characteristics, all of which should be considered before making your next cannabis vaporizer purchase. For beginners and all other types of users, check TheVape.Guide for a more detailed guide on vaping.

LED Touchscreen Display
Touch screens have revolutionized the way that we use our handheld electronic devices. Loki Vapes has created a vaporizer that dives into the touchscreen world head first. Not only have they taken the idea to the next level and featured a touchscreen on their vaporizer, but it is widely known as the first handheld vaporizer for dry herbs and concentrates that features an embedded touch screen interface.

Controlling the settings on the Loki Touch is easier than clicking a button. Simply by tapping your finger on the LED display, the temperature settings will change according to your preferred settings. Pressing the plus or minus once will change the temperature by 1 degree increments. Or, you can hold the buttons to change the temperature by 2 degree increments for a quicker transition. Simply swipe the screen and you’re good-to-go.

Anodized Heating Oven
The Loki Touch has a maximum heat of 440 degrees F (226 degrees C) with minimal resistance, so that you can use any dry herbs and vape them with incredible efficiency. Given the range of the temperature settings, this will prevent the overheating and subsequent burning of dry herbs that gives you time to experiment so that you can find the ideal temperature for your perfect vaping session.

The anodized heating oven is made out of a ceramic material that allows for proper distribution of heat – so evenly distributed that you should never experience premature burning of your herbs, nor foul taste during your vaporizing session. It also comes equipped with a silicone base heating chamber cover, which acts as an additional layer of protection to protect your dry herbs. Rejoice! The days of worrying about your hand or mouth getting hot just by touching your vaporizer are over.

Loki Touch Battery Life
The Loki Touch has a cutting-edge battery that is well ahead of its competitors. With a three-hour battery life span, and continuous run time of 45 minutes, you won’t really need to worry about your battery. The battery also features an automatic shut-off after five minutes, just in case you forget to turn it off.

What do I think?
The Loki Touch is aesthetically pleasing and it’s size delivers in terms of convenience. It can fit perfectly in the palm of your hand, or be tucked away in your pocket. It’s stealthy, and discreet for a handheld portable vaporizer and also allows for the use of dry herbs and concentrates – a major advantage. It also features the digital LED touchscreen, which gives this vaporizer a clear advantage over any comparable vaporizer.



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