*Press Release* CannaMeds Expands From Colorado Springs to Denver

CannaMeds Wellness Center is planning to expand its business to a second retail location in Colorado Springs, and a 9,000 sq ft grow in the heart of Denver. Their Denver manufacturing location will supply both Colorado Springs locations. Due to CannaMeds consistent success by offering its members the best deals, their customer base is constantly growing. CannaMeds was established in 2009 and was founded by Chris Rice.

By expanding their manufacturing into Denver CannaMeds hopes to expand their market while keeping their current customers happy. CannaMeds was the 14th medical dispensary stores to open in Colorado Springs and was one of the first to be officially licensed in Colorado. The current address for CannaMeds Wellness Center is 506 N. Chelton Rd. The planned addressed for the second grow opening in Denver is off of Blake St.

About CannaMeds Wellness Center

Chris Rice who currently operates the business full time established CannaMeds Wellness Center in 2009. CannaMeds is a licensed medical marijuana dispensary that runs out of Colorado Springs. CannaMeds was the 14th dispensary to open in Colorado Springs and one of the first licensed in the state. Its goal is to provide its consumers with award winning, clean and safe product.

All of Canna Meds product is grown hydroponically to ensure better quality for its consumers. Its entire product line is free of molds, pests and harsh chemicals to guarantee safety for its buyers. CannaMeds has a vast variety of options to choose from starting with drinks to edibles and much more. For further information on CannaMeds Wellness Center check out its website http://www.cannamedswellnesscenter.com/index.html. or call them at 719-638-6337.

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