PermaClone Cloning Collars are in a League of Their Own

Cloning collars are round discs that resemble a rubber stopper used by cannabis growers to support plant cuttings (aka clones) that are being grown in a hydroponic system. They are seemingly simple devices, but like everything else in the world of cannabis cultivation, the slightest variables can make all of the difference. Permaclone cloning collars are the most well thought out collars we’ve seen thus far. With a several proprietary features they are unlike any other cannabis cloning collars in the world.

Here’s what we like about PermaClone collars. We’ve seen a few cheaper collars out there, but these collars are reusable, and guaranteed for at least five years of use, so you save money in the long run. They are entirely root resistant, unlike standard neoprene or foam collars, so your roots grow in the direction you want them to, and once you easily sterilize them using your home microwave, they are ready to use again. They are available in a variety of standard sizes at along with any necessary accessories. Check them out today!



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