Our top 3 Stash Boxes from the internet

Serious smokers always have weed to smoke, and probably a grinder, rolling papers, roach card, maybe even a pipe and that’s not including all the lighters. So where do you put it all? When you’ve got some loud the last thing you want to do is leave it in open air. A baggy isn’t much better, you need an air sealed container if you want to keep you weed fresh and the smell quiet. A good stash box is a smokers best friend, check out our Top 3 favorite stash boxes below, click the images to check them out!

1. Tokebox Red ‘Sweet Leaf’

This beautifully made stash box is the ideal box if you’re looking for a quality stash box to keep for years and put on display in your home. As well as looking so good it has a good lock to keep your stash safe and comes complete with every compartment you could need in a stash box, furthermore it is airtight and contains the smell of your stash, it’s elegant yet functional. The box has a mirror on the inside lid and comes with a removable wooden rolling tray. Get yourself this exquisite hand crafted smoking treat to show off to your friends and smoke like a king.

2.Black and silver airtight jars

These are the perfect bud stash boxes for when you’re out and about and you need to contain the smell. They’re stylish, fit in your pocket and even have a key chain so attach it to your keys and never lose your stash (just don’t lose your keys); as well as being airtight to keep your herbs nice and fresh. To top it off they’re a good price and you get two in a set, a perfect gift for a couple that smoke and they even come with a gift box. Plus they’re in the sale right now so you can get the set of 2 for under $20!

3. “Zen” Budha book stash box

Now this awesome looking stash box comes with everything you need all for under $50. It has a faux leather case and a strong magnetic top to keep your stash intact; it also has loads of space for everything in the picture and more. Plus it would look super cool on your coffee table or shelf when you have friends over as well as being discrete. It comes with a Hakuna 4 piece Zinc grinder, a Hakuna latch stash jar for your bud and a complete Raw rolling accessories bundle which has 2 packs of king size raw rolling papers, a rolling mat, hemp wick and roach book. Everything you could need all in one box. A perfect starter set for a new smoker or new home gift for a special friend.

Click on the links and check them out for yourself so you can get your stash organised and keep your herbs fresh like a pro smoker!



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