New CBD Oil Vaporizer – Soothe™ Puff Vape Pen

With more and more research happening every day, people around the world are catching on to the amazing properties of CBD, perhaps the most important cannabinoid found in cannabis products when it comes to health benefits. Our friends at Soothe have an array of CBD products for various applications, including our favorite go to, the
Soothe™ Puff Vape Pen.

This pen is a discreet, convenient way to incorporate CBD into your lifestyle. Using concentrated, ultra-pure CBD oil infused with organically derived terpenes for an amazingly smooth natural flavor, Soothe™ Puffs provide a balancing effect that facilitates a fuller and more rejuvenated lifestyle. In two flavor varieties, Snoozeberry or Sunkiss, the different terpene blends cater to daytime or nighttime use. Check them out and tell em’ we sent you!



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