Interview – The Dead Woods: Unpolished Rock Music

Chicago rock trio and weed enthusiasts The Dead Woods have been at it for a while now, releasing consistent music and playing shows around the country. We chopped it up with them as they get ready to head out on their third US tour promoting their upcoming album, How to Entertain Your Friends. Check out the interview here, and look out for The Dead Woods in your city this spring!

Get EM High: We haven’t heard a ton of rock music coming from Chicago lately, what’s the scene like in your city?

The Dead Woods: The Chicago music scene is a ton of clique bands that keep throwing the same events. There are a few local bands we respect and help out, but it feels like most other acts are getting to greedy and to lazy to make the next best move for their music.

GEH: Describe The Dead Woods Music…

DW: UNPOLISHED ROCK MUSIC! We did the big “over produced” thing for our first LP ‘Seventy Cedar’, and were pretty disappointed that everything sounded fake.People aren’t perfect, music shouldn’t be perfect.

GEH: What do you guys think makes you different from other bands out right now, in and out of Chicago.

DW: I would definitely have to say our live show is what gets a lot of people hearing about us. People love to see how much heart and energy we put into every live show.

GEH: Who are some of your strongest influences musically.

DW: Nirvana, Kanye West, Radiohead, Iggy Pop, Oasis, Fleetwood Mac, The Pixies, The Strokes, The White Stripes, The Police, The Kills

GEH: Let’s talk about the new album for a minute. What was it like recording with just a single microphone?

DW: YES! It was definitely a mission. We used a SHURE SM57 for the whole record. We were talking to quite a few producers from around the country that we’re excited about the project, but we were to busy wanting to make it ourselves.

GEH: We can appreciate the raw sound you were going for on HTEYF but were you guys concerned that recording like that takes away anything from the album?

DW: I would honestly say, it adds way more to the album. I wouldn’t have wanted another record that sounds the same. In 2016, mostly everything we listen to on the radio, or coming out sonically sounds the same. We wanted to STOP that as much we could. Austin Getz (DRUMS) really did an incredible job on producing and engineering ‘ H T E Y F, I wouldn’t have wanted it done another way.

GEH: What’s the inspiration for the lyrics on the album.

DW: “How To Entertain Your Friends ” was written during a time where I was dealing with horrible panic disorder and other health problems. We can all relate, in the band, that sometimes you almost have to put on a disguise in front of your friends, so that they don’t see what’s really going on in your life or what’s effecting you negatively. Also…… heavily influenced by CANNABIS & SEX ( wild card )

GEH: What can we expect from you guys over the next year?

DW: It looks like we are going to be touring North America from May 15th to July 3rd, SO COME SAY HELLO! I would have to say…. once we get home, we will be taking a few months off to heal our bodies, then make another album and do it all over again!

GEH: Any closing remarks or shout outs?

DW: We love to meet and hang out with everyone that loves our music. If you see us, make sure to stop us and BURN ONE!




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