How to Roll A Perfect Blunt

There’s a lot of ways to smoke these days: Joints, Blunts, Pipes, Bongs, Dabs, and more! But our favorite, and certainly the hip hop favorite, has always been a nice fat blunt. It takes a little bit of time, and of course it requires a few different supplies to roll a blunt. For beginners, there’s always blunt wraps, but they usually have wierd flavors and don’t burn as well. A real blunt should always be rolled from a cigar. Backwoods are super popular at the moment, but we’ve always loved a classic Swisher Sweet. At the end of the day it’s just personal preference.

Once you’ve chosen your cigar, you can either use scissors or a razor blade to cut it, or more seasoned pro can do it simply using the fingertips. Then you fill it with weed, and gently roll the bottom end around the weed. Once that’s done, lick the upper end and stick it onto itself. There’s tons of videos and articles that will break it down step by step, but we suggest listening to the true blunt king himslef, Redman, as he perfectly explains in his classic, “How To Roll A Blunt.” For more tips, check out our friends at Canna SOS for tons of great advice.



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