Get Real Organic Spotify Promotion

We’re always puzzled by creative musical artists who boast about being the best kept secret in the music industry. If you’re like most artists, you want your music to be heard and appreciated by the widest available audience. In the digital age we live in, that means only one thing – getting onto Spotify. You can promote your Spotify tracks the way major labels do, and Streambeet is here to help.

It can get expensive fast when you buy Spotify plays, buy Spotify followers or get placements on other high-volume music sites on your own. Streambeet helps help artists like you with guaranteed organic Spotify promotion at affordable rates that enable you to reach your target audience. We help you get the real Spotify promotion you need to get the playtime your music deserves. You create the music and Streambeet will do everything else.

When you’re ready to grow your Spotify plays, increase your fan base and followers, and have your music played over more earpieces, Streambeet is the most cost-efficient service with the best Spotify promotion campaigns on the music scene. Why? Because they operate with a single goal in mind – to help up and coming artists boost their tracks, gain valuable coverage, and get their music onto the most popular spotlight on the Internet. Grow your Spotify plays and start getting royalties.

Are you ready to start your artist Spotify promotion? Promo packages include you in email blast campaigns that reach millions of listeners, create digital ads that reach your ideal client, and expose your music to our invaluable network of strategic partners. Streambeet helps you focus on the creative side of music while they help you manage the promotional end. To start today, visit



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