Exlusive interview w/ Earcandy Strings th UK’s finest string musicians

Earcandy Strings, hailing from the UK, are a group that perform a luxurious soundtrack for drinks receptions, dinner music or bridal processionals. Available in a duo, trio or quartet, earcandy Strings adds a touch of class that can be lacking when using CD’s or other pre recorded music.Enjoy a repertoire of both traditional tunes, arrangements of current popular music, or a mixture of both depending upon your preferences. Earcandy Strings are comprised of some of the UK’s finest string session musicians with a wealth of industry experience.

GEH: Tell us a little about yourself and you career.
We’re earcandy strings and over time have evolved over time to form the group we are today and we love touring the UK with earcandy to attend events from everything to corporate to our absolute favourite weddings!

GEH: Who are some of your biggest influences in the Industry?
Michael Jackson *New Addition*, The Black Eyed Peas *New Addition*, David Guetta *New Addition*, Bruno Mars *New Addition*, Taylor Swift *New Addition*, Christina Perri, Etta James, The Verve, Elvis Presley

GEH: What makes you different than other artists today?
We don’t take ourselves to seriously and we love to have fun! We know we’re more of a serious ‘act’ when it comes to entertainment but that doesn’t stop us from having fun and getting the guests involved when they want to.

GEH: What’s the your cities underground scene like?
London is incredibly diverse in terms of music; be it mainstream or underground. We absolutely love it!

GEH: What would you change about music today?
Manufactured music – We don’t like it at all. Shows like the Xfactor and The voice have really diluted and often polluted the music scene.

GEH: What’s next for you?
Keep on doing what we do best and that’s entertaining guests!

GEH: Any closing remarks or shoutouts?
If you’re planning a wedding or corporate event then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the earcandy team who are always on hand to help out with any questions you may have.


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