Can You Turn to Vaping to Reduce Your Cannabis Use?

Quitting or even reducing something which you do habitually is no easy feat, which is why it’s so beneficial that there are a plethora of substitutes available to help us end common habits and addictions. We’re all aware that vaping is an immensely effective method of quitting the smoking of cigarettes, but can it help you to reduce the extent to which you use cannabis?

There’s a big question mark over whether or not vaping can aid cannabis reduction, so we’re going to look at the facts to see if there’s any truth to the rumours.

What is vaping?

Vaping refers to the inhalation and exhalation of vapour through an e-cigarette, which is commonly known as a vape. This is an increasingly popular practice in the UK and around the world and is primarily used as a way to help people to quit smoking traditional cigarettes – you can legally buy all of the necessary equipment to start vaping in the UK on the high street or from online shops such as Cloudz Vapour.

How vaping can affect you
Vaping is an effective way of overcoming tobacco cravings.
People who vaporise a liquid which contains nicotine may experience a nicotine rush (which feels a bit like a head rush and has the potential to be pleasurable and relaxing).

How cannabis can affect you

Using cannabis can help you to relax, raise your mood, and even give you the giggles.
It can increase or decrease your sensitivity to your surroundings.
It can make you feel extremely hungry which is also known as having ‘the munchies’.
Using cannabis may make you feel paranoid, panicky, and anxious.

Can vaping help you to reduce your cannabis intake?
Despite there being no definitive answer to this question because it wholly depends on the individual, there are some ways in which vaping may help you to stop using as much cannabis.

The effects of vaping and the effects of using cannabis are vastly different but vaping replicates the sensation of smoking in the way in which it can provide you with a burning sensation at the back of your throat and the requirement of deep inhalations and exhalations so, if you smoke cannabis, vaping may be able to reduce your cravings.

Similarly, the nicotine rush which can be experienced through vaping has the potential to briefly replicate the sensation of being high on cannabis, but these are perhaps the only two ways in which vaping is able to reduce your cannabis use.

To conclude
In conclusion, vaping is unlikely to be able to help you to reduce your cannabis intake if you don’t smoke cannabis. However, if you do smoke your cannabis, vaping absolutely has the potential to curb your cravings to smoke.

If you want to reduce the extent to which you smoke cannabis, but still wish to use the drug, vaping it is absolutely an ideal way to do this.

For more information on cannabis, its legal status, and how it can affect you, check out this website.



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