Go get that mixtape, Ya feel me.

San Antonio Police Department officers escort Savawn Kyle, 23, to a police vehicle Friday, March 3, at the San Antonio Public Safety Headquarters. When asked if he’s worried, he tells to go grab his mixtape lol.

Asshole STONER ACCIDENTALLY gets his dog high

This guy dropd a small glob of THC coconut oil on the kitchen floor and before he could stop his dog he’d already licked it up and this is the result. “The next morning Rasko was back to his normal self, after drinking an entire water bowl LOL.” – Elyon420.

Action Bronson Hits a High-Tech Dab Lab

Cannabis concentrate, commonly known as dabs, aren’t necessarily the sort of thing you should try to make at home, which is where specialty laboratories like X-Tracted come in. Action Bronson visits one of these dab labs in this deleted scene from F*CK, THAT’S DELICIOUS on VICELAND.

The Ladies behind the ‘PUSSY SLAP’ are back at it.

If you’ve never heard of the ladies over at Eighty83Three, you’ve been missing out, as the group of seven girls mix hotness with comedy, putting together viral videos and pictures for the Internet. The latest video comes from two of the girls, Jade and Bella, who take part in an epic prank war that includes pulling the other’s pants down in public!

2Chainz Smokes $10,000 Bong

On an old episode of 2 Chainz’s “Most Expensivest Shit” he rips a bong worth $10k! It’s definitely not the most expensive bong in the world, but the thing is dope with multiple chambers, perkulators, and super thick glass. In the words of Chainz himself “shit look like a rocket launcher.”


A confrontation between a motorcyclist and a careless driver resulted in the ultimate karma on the road, captured perfectly by the biker’s camera. Here is what the biker had to say “I normally never lose my temper on the road, even after he cut me up i was trying to give him his wallet back. But then he proceeded to flip me off and thats why dropped his phone on the ground.”

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