Contrary to his name, dude seems like a good cunt. Dont Flop takes you behind the scenes of Dirtbag Dan eating magic truffles in Amsterdam before his battle vs Big J and the hilarity that ensues. I got anxious just watching this. Comedy gold.

*Sponsored* Cupid X – Stop The Duke


The campaign to help 88 Year Old Alzheimer’s Patient Frances Devereux remain at her 72 Ridgmount apartment continues with the release of a scintillating new single called “Stop the Duke,” by Jamaican rapper Cupid X.

Interview with Chicago’s Dazs


Chicago based artist Dazs has been making noise in his city with his recent releases this year. We caught up with him to find out what he’s got coming next! Check out the interview and look out for his new Sorry For The Leak mix tape coming soon!

This dab would would kill a normal person

Jolie Olie

Jolie Olie is the Shoenice of weed. Dude can smoke most humans under the table, but his energy, excitement and knowledge of the cannabis subject makes him a pleasure to watch. Even if you don’t smoke, trust me when I say you will be thoroughly entertained.

The Weeknd’s New Song “The Hills”

the weeknd

The Weeknd has released the video for new song “The Hills”, which was produced by Mano and Illangelo. The clip follows Abel Tesfaye as he ambles down an empty suburban street in the wake of a car crash, ultimately ending up at a creepy old mansion where he meets some mysterious women.

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