Growing Cannabis Industry has Room for Innovators


At this point it’s no secret that legal cannabis is one of the fastest growing industries in the United States, with over 2.3 billion dollars in sales around the country in 2014 (ArcView Market Research). States like Colorado are seeing tremendous economic growth stimulated heavily by the thriving recreational marijuana market, and its looking like the rest of the country, and maybe the world, will be following suit soon. Each year an increasing number of states are seeing medical and recreational cannabis on their ballots, and it seems the majority of Americans are in support of decriminalization and/or full legalization on a national level.

Mos Def X Ski Beats – Sensei on the Block

sensi on the block

A few years, Mos Def changed his name to Yasiin Bey…But on the new single “Sensei On The Beat,” Bey has gone back to his orginal name, MOS DEF. So you can officially say MOS DEF is back! He’s teamed up with Ski Beatz, the Jay-Z/Camp Lo/Curren$y producer, on his most recent release “Sensei on the Block” Listen to it here first.

*Sponsored* 5 Ways Vaping is Better Than Smoking

lets vape

5 Ways Vaping is Better Than Smoking! Vaporizing marijuana is rapidly becoming the preferred method to deliver marijuana, but some may still be on the fence about switching to concentrated forms of marijuana. Why? Because it’s cleaner than smoking marijuana via combustion, which is what you’re doing when you choose to smoke a joint. Vaporizing marijuana has many positive health effects versus smoking it, but there are many other great reasons to vape than smoke. Continue reading below to see a list of five reasons why vaping your cannabis is better than smoking it.


cannabis couch surfer

Cannabis Couch Surfers is for those who use Marijuana as an alternative treatment for various conditions such as: Cancer – nausea, AIDS, Neuropathy -pain, Multiple sclerosis – Muscle cramps, Lou Gherigs disease- joint movement, Crohn’s disease- stomach cramps. It helps with appetite suppression from medication & depression, also recommended in medical books for menstrual cramps. One of the advantages of joining the site is the potential to travel free, stay with someone knowledgeable about the area & have a memorable experience. Attached below is print out of the bus for free.

National Geographic: “Our kids have to be the guinea pigs because the government won’t legalize it”


Marijuana in the United States has been federally illegal since the Marihuana Tax Act of 1937. The substance was made illegal for a number of reasons, most of which would be questioned by today’s generation.Lawmakers made allegations such as the use of marijuana leading to rape or murder, reckless eloping, and made the racist argument of marijuana creating degenerates in the Spanish population.

Manotti da Vinci – Take That

take that

Manotti (aka Raymanotti da Vinci, or DJ RNS), founder of So Iregula Entertainment, music is anything but a hobby. “You know when something is meant for you. It’s so difficult to articulate”. If you listen to Manotti da Vinci latest track ‘Take That’ it’s easy to tell dude is serious. High level production + Quality Brand = Future Trap Lord. You can check out more of Manotti da Vinci here:

Steven Leitch  “Forgot To Love Her”

steven leitch

Steven Leitch has been described as one of Canada’s most talented and desirable lyricists. The Toronto born singer appears destined for greatness, at only 26 he has already garnered the attention of fans and critics alike with his unique sound and energy. 
Produced by Flawless (Wale’s official producer), and mastered by IRKO (Jay-Z’s “Kingdom Come”) “Forgot to love her” represents more than a single experience. It’s experiences filled with romance and determination and also opens a door for discussion.

Shaun Mecca ft Lil Flip & HailGatsby – “NOMTOMBOT”

smoke sumn

Shaun Mecca releases NOMTOMBOT ft Lil Flip and Hail Gatsby.
Founder of The Astronaut Music Group (AMG/The Nawts), Shaun Mecca has made a name for himself in the South Texas (RGV) hip hop scene and has played a key role in its uprising with his unique brand and style. Don’t let his laid back approach fool you, he is a true lyricist at heart with a hunger to match. His debut under the representation of Trill Starr Mafia, the Rio Grande Valley’s premier independent hip hop label, Midnight Meditation drops 08/31/15. @shaunmecca @trillstarrmafia

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